Become a Vision Sales Consultant

Due to the recent recession, businesses have cut costs, and as a result, their workforce. However, they still have to be responsive to economic upturn and also enter new markets to overcome shortfalls in others. With fewer incorporated employees, they are focusing on short term appointments that allow them to do anything from fine tune and optimise on their existing sales strategy to launching new products in new markets. Rather than risking precious resources by recruiting full-time executives in often unfamiliar territories, they spread risk by using established networks, leveraging off industry expertise, experience and relationships. By using a VISION Consultant they can improve their performance in existing markets and explore new horizons.

Becoming a VISION Consultant offers a host benefits:

  • Flexibility
  • Ability to choose your own project
  • Take command of a business
  • Benefit from your own industry experience and expertise
  • No company politics
  • Excellent daily rate with high compensation

Do you have 10 years+ experience in sales development and business management? Do you have a proven track record of turning businesses around in to profitable business units and / or successfully launching new products in Asia? Do you excel in strategic planning and new business sales development? Do you have an established regional industry network? Please fill in your details in this form & one of our team will contact you shortly for an initial discussion.