Established business in Asia

VISION helps established companies in Asia

  • Identify and overcome regional sales challenges developing and executing market entry strategies which enable accelerated growth, increased market presence and sustained profitability

The Asian markets are full of idiosynchracies and can be harduous nuts to crack. Market entry strategies demand high levels of investments and long sales cycles, with still no assurity of returns. Different regions can have varying levels of maturity, necessitating a multi- strategical approach dependent on deep, long lasting and trusted relationships. VISION is vehicular to the forefront of these markets without the high risk of steep investments in unknown territories

  • Enter new global markets with a local VISION presence driving their solutions to key partner, enterprise and government decision makers. We give you a new regional reach, enabling inception and growth through a low risk strategy

Through VISION you can test new markets and engage key decision makers within key enterprises and partner networks. Throughout North America and key African markets you can leverage off our local relationships, regional sales expertise and market knowledge. We will strategically build your route to market and help you win new customers in new markets

What we do

VISION is a ‘market entry sales’ consultancy, with extensive experience, relationships and local knowledge throughout Asian, African and North American markets. We focus on offering an end to end suite of proven solutions servicing the needs of sales operations which are challenged in the following areas:

  • Developing effective market entry strategy and building relationships with key decision makers in target enterprises, partner networks and local government
  • Increasing market share and revenue through direct sales engagement
  • Accelerating regional sales cycles and maximising on revenue opportunities
  • Creating a robust, profitable and long lasting business in new markets

Our objective is for you to become successful and established in new markets. We make you more functional as a sales operation and ultimately more profitable as a business. Sales is the fundamental driver to any business growth and the time and the ethical way in which this is achieved is what makes or breaks all businesses.  We understand market entry sales, we understand business.

How we do it

VISION is an international consultancy of regional industry specific ‘market entry sales’ experts. With VISION Industry Advisors and Consultants throughout North America and Asia we are able to develop and deliver strategical and effective routes to market for our clients. Our Advisors will consult you on the market landscape, build data and strategy for you and spearhead new sales opportunities; accelerating your solutions to the very forefront of the market. By leveraging off multiple VISION Advisors through one investment you can tap in to extensive relationships and sales opportunities. All our Advisors and Sales Consultants have an outstanding history of building new businesses in the very markets you are looking to engage.