Setting up a business in Asia

VISION enables international companies to enter the Asian market on a low risk strategy. Through VISION you can test and evaluate new markets, build data, get your solution in front of industry leading decision makers, placing you in to an early revenue generating position.

What we provide is a solution which is the combined formula of a VISION Advisor and VISION Consultant who both have extensive regional experience and unique relationships with our clients’ specific target market.

In most cases VISION Consultants have current working relationships with the very key decision makers that our clients are looking to engage and our Advisors have an extensive history and command an industry respect which opens influential doors and drives deals to closure.

VISION Industry Advisors are leaders and authorities in their respective industries. They provide industry specific market entry consulting to our clients and cohesive support to our Consultants. Typically they have held Managing Director or C-Level roles within relevant regional markets and therefore have unique long-standing networks and relationships. All our Advisors help in strategy and planning of our Clients’ projects and support our consultants to achieve successful delivery. Together we make a winning formula.

What we do

VISION is a ‘market entry sales’ and commercialisation company, with extensive industry specific experience and relationships throughout Asia, North America and Africa. We focus on offering an end to end suite of proven solutions servicing the needs of multi-national companies which want to prepare themselves for new markets, build revenue, brand recognition and a customer base with key regional enterprises.

  • End to end Market Entry Sales Solutions
  • Commercialising new products to market
  • Feasibility Studies and Regional Market Mapping
  • Market Introductions
  • New business Sales Services and Consulting
  • Full Service Outsourced Sales and Marketing Function
  • Business Logistics Services – registration, office location and building winning teams
  • A Global Company with a Regional Reach

Our objective is for you to grow revenue and become established in new markets. We build the foundations of a long lasting business through regional industry knowledge, relationships and expertise.

How we do it

VISION Consulting is a collective of Regional Industry Leading Advisors and Consultants.

VISION Advisors –

VISION Advisors are industry renowned authorities who have a market legacy behind them. They are able to open doors from the top down and achieve unique market coordination to ensure the best possible outcomes for your solutions.

All of VISION’s Consultants have an outstanding proven relevant industry sales background in specific regions. They have a history of building successful business units and understand sales processes and how to overcome related challenges.

• Deploy a VISION Advisor and Consultant with an established regional network and level of expertise who will both take command of your project.

VISION Consultants are proficient in the following areas:

  • Establishing and accelerating routes to market to key decision makers
  • Building value propositions and product positioning
  • Cold calling and rapidly building relationships
  • Overcoming objections
  • Managing expectations
  • Reaching agreement and closing business in effective and essential timelines
  • Developing Sales Teams
  • Building durable business units

Your VISION Consultant will:

  • Identify, evaluate,  understand and map out specific markets, including competitor landscape analyse
  • Strategise on methodology of market engagement
  • Generate data and leads aligned with strategy through VISION database and our extensive regional network
  • Develop and tailor a compelling value proposition to take to market
  • Communicate and position your value proposition through established networks and ‘cold call’ engagement