On behalf of Blundstone, I would very much like to thank you and your team for the work done in very trying circumstances, at times. I would have to say we have been very impressed by your capacity to gain access to decision makers behind doors that would have been very challenging for us to open otherwise. I believe you have very much met your promise to us.

Bob informs me that you are very busy with new ventures and I wish you all the best with that.

“I worked with Hugo whilst I was heading up the APAC region at Force10 Networks. Hugo contacted us through our US Corporate office and we then coordinated a package together for our participation.”

Regional Manager, Force10 Networks
“This was the first time that we had worked with Hugo and his company. I found Hugo very professional and he took the time to really understand the needs and objectives of our business. He was a delight to work with and I would certainly entertain working with him again should the opportunity arise.”
Director, Sun Microsystems
“Hugo came to meet me in my offices in Dubai and I had never worked with his company before. His approach and presentation were both professional and well communicated and he did a very good job at communicating the value that HP would gain. We would certainly work with Hugo again given the right opportunity and can recommend him to any future business.”

Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking, Hewlett-Packard Middle East
“During my time as regional Innovation Lead at TCS, we signed up to a data centre event in Singapore with Hugo. This was the first time that TCS had taken part in such an event in Asia and so were naturally cautious about our involvement and how we would be presented ….I found Hugo’s approach very confidence giving ..I highly recommend Hugo to any company and found him professional, helpful and enjoyable to work with.”

Regional Innovation Lead at TCS
“This was the first time we had actually worked with the company and we came in with a high value partner, where there were certain sensitivities, so we were careful about how we were going to be positioned. Hugo managed the process very well and dealt with us in a highly professional manner. He also came to our offices to meet us and has come since to develop the relationship he has with us. I can highly recommend Hugo and we look forward to working with him again in the future so we can further expand on our business in the region.”
Managing Director, Powerware Systems
“I worked with Hugo Jefferson as General Manager . We specialize in events and publications in the IT, Data Centre, Cloud and Virtualisation markets. We employed Hugo’s services as he is very well established in the data centre market across Asia. Incidentally, I had already worked with him at a previous company. Hugo has unique regional contacts and a well respected knowledge of our industry. He is able to draw Foreign Direct Investment in to Singapore through companies looking to set up data centres here or for Singapore companies looking to sell their data centre services and solutions to the APAC wide region.I would highly recommend Hugo and can vouch for his integrity and successes in this high value market place.”
General Manager, Publishing Company
“We had never worked with them before and did not normally take part in these kind of exercises. Hugo was extremely convincing and gave us the confidence and we found the experience extremely beneficial.

Hugo is both tenacious and professional in his approach and is an excellent relationship builder.

I would definitely work with Vision again and actually understand that he had a strong proposal out recently with my current company. I received good feedback again on their professional approach and the way in which they communicated the value proposition.  I can recommend Vision to any organisation and deem them to be a high value and dynamic asset.”
Regional Director, Savvis