Vision Team

VISION Consulting International is an industry collective of highly successful industry specific experts and sales professionals, who have led and driven sales teams in to highly profitable business units.  All our Advisors and Consultants are of Director Level with 20-45 years experience and are specifically screened for their experience in challenging environments in specific industries. They have a proven record of turning businesses around, new business development, resourcefulness in respect of cost sensitivities, enthusing and empathising with their sales teams and administering ethical business practices. With Head Offices in Singapore, we are well positioned to serve the business interests of our clients across Asia.

Executive management

Hugo Jefferson – FOUNDER / CEO


Hugo Jefferson
Hugo has 22 years experience in sales development, sales training and business management. He has been involved in taking businesses from conceptual start-up scenarios, evolving them in to durable and profitable businesses and has led teams in multi-national settings across Europe, United States and Asia. Hugo’s experience in APAC has lead him him in to the technology and real estate sectors and has been involved in brokering multi-million dollar deals in the data centre and hotel markets; attracting FDI to Singapore and surrounding region. Over the last two years, Hugo has also been responsible for overseeing the development of VISION Group’s other assets – JMM Vision and VISION Distribution.

Hugo’s most professed talent is in the area of new business acquisition and entry point engagement. He has a raw and creative, conceptual talent to business development with a broad industry background.

Hugo is an entrepreneur in his own right and has a legacy of many successful businesses in his wake, making him a sound choice to lead VISION Consulting in to its next stage of development.

Scott McDaniel

Scott McDaniel
Scott is an accomplished upper management and international business professional with 18 years management experience in 4 countries and active business development in 40+ global markets (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, & Africa). He has worked primarily in the education, technology, and franchising sectors; both leading teams and building young businesses into profitable ones while also developing and securing multi-million contracts and business partnerships.

Scott has a strong concentration on developing management personnel, sales personnel, & required supporting staff; focused on business development & sales/marketing strategies designed to exceed revenue & profit targets. He is also experienced in the management of budgets and cost cutting methodologies with a record of improving efficiency, productivity, and profitability through process creation and improvement. Fundamentally, Scott possesses excellent business operations skills with the knowledge that a sales focused mentality must be present in all personnel and facets of the business to secure abnormal returns.

Scott obtained his Bachelors in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University and will complete his MBA from Singapore Management University in December 2013.