R. Jeganathan

R. Jeganathan

Vision Advisor - Regional APAC Head of Public Emergency

Mr. Jeganathan started his career in the Military Service as a Combat Signal Officer in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). He was commissioned as a Signal Officer in 1971 and held various command, staff and training appointments in the Armed Forces. In 1993, he was seconded to the Singapore Civil defence Force (SCDF) – an organisation responsible for the firefighting, rescue and emergency ambulance service. He was responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of the communications and IT systems for the entire force. In the year 2004, Mr Jega left the public sector to join the commercial world – ST Infosoftware systems (a subsidiary of ST Electronics – one of the largest System Integrator in Singapore). He was heading the Homeland security Business unit – managing staff strength of 100 with a sales target of $100m. In 2007, he re-joined the SCDF as the Director Technology and in 2012 left SCDF to start his own company, JTechnology providing consultancy services.

Whilst in the SAF, Mr Jega has held various key appointments. As a Doctrine officer in the Signals formation, he was a key personnel in developing the signal doctrine for joint operations warfare. He was also involved in developing signal doctrines for logistics operations, formation of new signal units and developing trunk communications concept for the army. As the Head of the Telecoms department in the Signal Formation, was responsible for the management of the entire SAF telecoms network and the upgrading of the switching network. As head logistics, was responsible for the procurement and the maintenance of the signal logistics of the SAF. He also held appointments as the Chief Instructor of the School of Signals responsible for the training of new officers, specialists and as Head of the Signal Reservist Training cadre the operational ready National Service Men. He was appointed as Chief Signal Controller for a couple of major oversea exercises which involved planning, deployments of troops and executing the exercise scenarios.

Mr Jega attended the Signal Officer Advanced Course and the Telecoms management Course which provided him with the knowledge and understanding of the various technologies in the communications and IT fields. This knowledge had proven useful in all of the projects and tasks are undertaken by him. In addition to the technical courses, he was selected to attend the Singapore Command and Staff Course, which was the most senior course for the SAF commanders as this course provided the participants with the management and leadership opportunities for senior appointments in the SAF.
In the Singapore Civil defence Force, Mr Jega held several appointments, from Head Communications Branch, Head C3 Br and eventually Director Technology Department. During his tour, he was instrumental in developing the operational concepts, managing the project implementation and maintaining various Communications and IT systems for the organisation. SCDF received numerous awards for the IT initiatives introduced by Mr Jega, the most prominent one being awarded as one of the top five CIO award in Asia in 2004. The ICT systems that were implemented by Mr Jega span across the entire organisation covering operations, training, HR, Logistics etc. Some of the notable projects include:
a) The SCDF Command and Control System – which is the main operational system supporting SCDF core operational functions (995 call-taking and dispatching, resource recommendation, automatic vehicle location system, alarm monitoring etc.)
b) The Nationwide Public Warning System – Comprising 300+ sirens located around the island with 2 control centres allowing centralised monitoring and activations of the sirens to alert the population in case of emergency.
c) Fire safety On-line processing System – this workflow and document management system was established to allow building owners and architects to submit building plans ( including 3D plans) on-line for checks and approval by SCDF personnel.
d) ASEAN Disaster Management – one of Mr Jega’s key contributions was in leading the ASEAN subcommittee on ICT for disaster management. He held this post for 2 years and in his tour the ICT infrastructure and the ICT system for the Disaster management centre in Jakarta was established successfully.

Mr Jega left the public sector to head the Homeland Security Division in ST- Info Software System ( a subsidiary of the ST Electronics – one of the largest System Integrator in Singapore). He headed the division comprising about 100 staff with annual revenue of $50m. During his tenure, his business unit won major oversea projects in Bangladesh and China. He also travelled extensively and covered the Middle East region, ASEAN and Australia. He assisted the ST team to deliver the Hong Kong Fire service third-generation management system to support the Fire and Ambulance service in managing incidents. He also assisted the Singapore Police Force to establish the ASEANAPOL database system for the ASEAN police forces to share data for investigations.