Market Entry

VISION is your route to entering new markets.

VISION Consulting has been helping International Companies enter new markets since 2009.

Based on a unique methodology and model, VISION’s customised approach sets us apart in our ability to deliver on our clients’ precise regional objectives. Our formula has been developed from a real understanding of ‘market entry’ sales and is the most effective way of working to achieve and excel on our clients requirements.

We provide a solution to an expressed set of challenges in your sales cycles and end business objectives.

Our VISION Methodology and Model are structured and shaped specifically with this in mind.

The Solution

What we provide is a sales solution which is the combined winning formula of a VISION Industry Advisor and VISION Consultant who both have extensive regional experience and unique relationships with our clients’ specific target market.

Our Advisors have an extensive history, deep relationships and an intricate understanding of their regional markets. They command an industry respect which opens influential doors and helps drive deals to closure.

Our Consultants have extensive ‘go to market’, new business sales experience and in most cases have current working relationships with the very key decision makers that our clients are looking to engage.

VISION gives businesses not only an accelerated sales position but a unique insight and expertise in to specific markets.

VISION Consulting are industry professionals who have already sat at the top of leading organisations within their industries and regional markets, so they are not just filling a specific gap, but give your solution long lasting value and credibility in front of key industry decision makers.

Most often Sales Consultants are just regarded for their cost benefit when looking at the recruitment process and related fees – search costs / no fixed company benefits / no termination or severance costs etc. Whereas the benefits of these are of course in themselves very attractive, the real short to long term impact that a VISION Consultant has on a business is often overlooked.

Deploying a VISION Consultant is a low risk way of achieving a high value, specific goal.

VISION Consultant is able to:

    • Get the ground running straight away
    • Rapidly engage key decision makers
    • Have an immediate and cohesive impact on your solution in new markets
    • Command the sales process in a familiar territory
    • Quickly build a partner network around your brand and solution
    • Be accountable for their own business and build reports and expectations to the board
    • Deliver a smooth and informed handover to ensure the foundations of a successive robust business. Transfer long-lasting skills, contacts and experience
    • Build an on-going, progressive business unit from their own regional industry network to ensure the future success of your company
    •  Leave a long lasting legacy on your business