Sales Cycles

Sales Cycles can often be long and costly. You are in the meantime subject to heavy and on going capital expenditure in the hope that the sales will eventually close and materialise in to meaning revenue for your business. However time and funds are running out, there are many unknowns and until the money is in the bank, this remains an unknown to you, often fettered by the commitments you have already made to your human resources and the contractual obligations you have in place. Increasing costs, while you hold on to a dream which you can see no tangible end to. Depending on your industry, some sales cycles can also be lengthy and determine your need for sustainable and long term cash flow to support yourself through this period.

A large and critical factor of course is the innate sales ability of your sales force and their capability of bringing about conclusive sales and rapid, positive results for your business. Great sales talent is few and far between and indeed a rarity. Where as you might have a great ‘opener’ in to high level decision makers, this same resource often does not often have the equal talent to rapidly develop and grow the relationship in to  a trusted and engaging relationship which effectively results in to closing a key strategic sale for your business. Equally you may have an excellent account manager who can maintain and grow relationships, but can not pick up the phone to make that first critical call and and poignantly pitch your product for initial, captive engagement. After all, research and experience tells us we have up to 5-7 seconds to make that first impression to create immediate value and stir a buyers attention.  It is indeed a rarity to find all those facets in a single sales person, who can engage at a high level, then foster that relationship to accelerate the sales process and then execute that much required sale. This success story then needs to be carried creatively and strategically to other distinct and significant, vibrant brands to create widespread market desire and proliferation for your products and services; creating rapid market acceptance and adoption.

In the age of digital marketing, at VISION, we also offer highly sophisticated programmatic marketing support with multiple touch points to further enhance and reinforce your sales message; creating communities of collective trust and a sense that buyers are making the right decision. However we live in a fickle world where buyers quickly move on to what they perceive as ‘the next best thing’ . At VISION, we still believe that ‘people buy people’ and having that ‘right person’ in place to communicate at a very  human level will never cease to be the most effective means of creating, deep, meaningful, high value and long lasting relationships.

We as humans are still emotional beings and therefore react to that very human connection more now than ever. This however necessitates having the right person in place who can naturally convey all these resounding attributes and convert them in to a long and trusted relationship. In the same vain, having someone who is not suitable for this role can damage your business forever.

At VISION, we embody all of these positive facets in to one sales person who can represent your business, close sales and successfully build the foundations of your future and progressive success.

We also do this by leveraging our collective relationships and respective industry introductions within our VISION team across a range of industries , so that we drive unparalleled value to our clients giving them access to a range of multiple markets providing ultimate capitalization; benefiting from our extensive network and forum of trusted industry individuals.