Sales Training

Through years of facing and overcoming sales challenges across a broad range of markets, our team of seasoned sales directors and business managers offer independent and objective advice on what to do and how to do it. We identify the problems and set out a roadmap on how to solve them. These problems may be related to product positioning, approach and route to market and / or developing your sales team to engage the right decision makers in the right way to make your business grow. Essentially we turn around an underperforming sales team to become more profitable.

Deploying the right sales methodology:

  • Identify, evaluate, understand and map out specific markets
  • Generate data and leads through VISION’s extensive regional network
  • Develop and tailor the right and most compelling value propositions to take to market
  • Communicate and position the value proposition – cold calling, how  to upsell on existing accounts and positively reacting to incoming leads
  • Understand the sales process and related challenges, overcoming objections, managing client expectations, negotiation, reaching agreement and closing business in effective and essential timelines
  • Managing expectations internally – providing accurate revenue forecasts to your business
  • Building the foundations for  long lasting and high value relationships

We advise Managing Directors and Executive Management on where their challenges are, what they need to develop and how to go about it.

We understand that sales is a challenge and there is no exact science, however through our experience, methodologies and objective expertise, we can ensure we put your business on the right track.


Sandler Training

VISION are endorsers and providers of Sandler Training Techniques and programs. Sandler takes a ‘permission based’ approach to selling, which is proven to be very well aligned to Asian buying culture. With enormous growth in it’s adoption and respective success rate in sales processes in the Asian market over the last few years, Sandler Sales methodology offers a structured and unique approach to selling which results in long lasting and trusting business relationships. It provides your sales teams with and education on sales processes, develops intuitive consultative techniques and awareness; driving positive directional change to your sales outcomes and your client’s businesses.

If you are interested in developing your sales teams to bring about better outcomes, please contact us Read About Us In Forbes Magazine (Download PDF)